Install or Replacing Your System


If you need a Heating System installed or a system needs replacing we will visit your home and go through your requirements, instruct you on the most cost and energy efficient solution,


Our Engineers are PART L Certificated

(Trained and Past in Energy Efficiency Domestic Heating)

We will give recommendations on most affective Boilers for you property   


Our Engineers have years of experience and great Knowledge of Installing and Repairing all Makes & Models of Boilers both Old & New  which allows us to diagnose and fix your boiler in the most efficient and cost effective way, we will attend your property on the same day you call us

What is a Power Flush?


A Power flush is the best way to keep your heating system running efficiently using a powered high flow / low pressure machine for Cleaning your system. The procedure using chemicals to remove the build-up of


  • sludge

  • lime scale


The Benefits of a Power Flush is:


  •  Power flushing gives your system a new lease of life

  •  Power flushing helps reduce gas bills and running costs

  •  Prevents heating problems

  •  Warming your property faster

  •  Helps with keeping your system Energy Efficient

  •  Our power flush service is fully guaranteed




If you are experiencing any of the signs Listed


  •  Cold spots in the middle of the radiators

  •  Continuaslly having to bleed the radiators

  •  Slow heat-up times

  •  Noisey boiler

  •  Poor hot water production and temperature

Boiler Servicing 


As a homeowner or landlord its a legal requirement to have your boiler or any other gas appliance serviced every 12 months, servicing can prolong the life of your appliance and will give you the peace of mind that you and your family are safe from any harmfull fumes



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Bathroom Installation

If you are looking for a full bathroom installation or just a replacement bath we can design and install to fit your needs.